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My Meal Plans Instructions

Welcome to My Meal Plans!

Here you can discover new recipes, personalize meal plans, create shopping lists, and more!‌

If you’ve never used this feature before, you will find “Your Collections” inbox at the top of your My Meal Plans page, which includes blank templates to create new recipe collections, save favorite recipes, and view sample recipe collections to help get you started. You can reorder collections by dragging them using the handle to the left of the collection title. The number on the opposite side of the collection name is the number of recipes you have in each collection.

To create your own recipe collection, click on the “Blank Meal Planning Template” or “Add Collection” to create a new collection. You will find an empty template for the week, running Sunday-Saturday. To rename or rearrange your days or meals, click on the three dots (…) to the right of the name you wish to change.

On the righthand side of each column you will see a (+) sign. This button will allow you to search recipes by name or other meal plan collections. Once you have found the recipe you wish to add, click the (+) in the top left-hand side of the box to add it to your collection.

If you wish to duplicate the same meal onto multiple days of the week, view the recipe, or delete the item, click on the three dots (…) on the bottom left corner of the box. To move the recipe to another day or mealtime, drag the recipe using the handle in the top lefthand side of the box.

Another way to add recipes to your collection is through the Recipe Discoveries page from the “View All Recipes” dropdown. Here, you can sort recipes by category and dietary preference. While viewing a recipe, you have the option to print, pin, or add a recipe to your collection by clicking “Add to Collection” and then selecting the collection, column, and group you wish to add it to.

Once you have completed your collection, you have the option to print the collection or export it into a “Shopping List”. If you would like to print the collection, simply click on the printer icon located on the top righthand side of the page. Here, you can choose to print the meal plan collection or the recipes from that week’s plan including ingredients and instructions. To generate a shopping list, click the small shopping cart icon on the top righthand side of the page. Here, you will select the day(s) you would like to generate a list for. You can use the +/- icons to alter the servings you want to make for each recipe*. If you don’t want to shop for a specific recipe, set the servings to 0. To export the selected day(s), again click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. Use the checkbox to the left of the ingredients to indicate the ones you already have and use the button at the bottom to print the recipe collection, shopping list – or both!,

*Adjusting the number of servings on your recipe collection impacts the quantity of the ingredients on your shopping list. To ensure you purchase the correct quantities of ingredients, refer to the original recipe page and adjust the servings on your collection to match the number of servings listed on the recipe.

Under the Meal Planning dropdown at the top header of the page, you will also find “Themed Meal Plan” and “Our Suggested Meal Plans”. The four suggested meal plans will be updated the 1st of each month and the themed meal plan will update seasonally.

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